About Us

Lulusar was established in 2016 as a fashion brand named after the mesmerising lake in Northern Pakistan. At its essence, Lulusar stays true to its roots yet connects to global trends. 

However, more than being a fashion brand, Lulusar has always been about empowerment, providing a voice and a platform, and, above all, giving back to our community. 

At Lulusar, we have always been proud to be made in Pakistan, and we will continue to do what we can to support our country and people. In light of COVID 19 and its impact, we have repurposed our factory to produce protective gear for those on the frontline.

Our aim remains to provide essential supplies to doctors, nurses and medical facilities in light of shortages and we are honoured to play a role in this.

We have also taken necessary steps to ensure that we comply with all industry standards and safety regulations, stemming from WHO guidelines, to guarantee the safety of our employees. We are currently working directly with the government to donate protective supplies where necessary.

Visit our main website www.lulusar.com to learn more about the brand!